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Sports make a difference in Mid-Michigan.

That difference can't be measured by stats or standings. The real story is the people, the pulse of a great community.

sport Magazine reaches deep into the community to tell the story behind the story. It profiles the kid you've seen playing ball for years and the neighbor or co-worker who plays hockey each night or races every weekend. It's a clear window into their world. It's also a vivid look at YOURS.

Heart of a Spartan

Heart of a Spartan

Author: Jack Ebling
Photography: Matthew Mitchell
Foreword: Tom Izzo
Design: Traction

A book that captures the winningest back-to-back seasons in MSU football history. Relive the glory of the great victories and greatest moments of 2010-12. See how – and why – a team transformed from tribulations to trophies. Meet the players and coaches who've taken the program to a new level, and see vignettes of 33 of the most important Spartans that have led the program since the 40's.

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